When a clean surface is a matter of the heart, nature helps


Window and glass cleaning belongs to the most unpopular domestic work. After waiting for perfect weather conditions, applying the glass cleaner and micro-fibre wiping, the result is a wild stripe pattern. But how do you clean windows and mirrors to a streak-free finish?

Surface Cleaning

The good cleaning effect of sophorolipids on grease stains is also evident on hard surfaces. In particular, easy cleaning of very greasy stainless steel surfaces is an important topic.

To test the effectiveness of sophorolipids, stainless steel plates were covered with a mixture of engine oil and paraffin and the plates were then immersed in a surfactant solution. After a defined time with no mechanical cleaning or drying, the amount of dirt removed from the plates was determined by gravimetric analysis. In the secondary surfactant group, the sophorolipid removes most dirt (about 70%).

It is remarkable that the sophorolipid has an even better cleaning effect than sodium laurylether sulfate (SLES). Cleaning products containing REWOFERM® SL to clean and degrease hard surfaces from Belgium-based Ecover are already available for sale in supermarkets.