While creating bubble beards, nature helps


The number of people suffering from allergies and with sensitive skin is constantly increasing. This means that surfactants that are mild to the skin and do not have negative impact on the protective skin layer are a pre-requisite today. However consumers do not accept loss of cleaning performance or foam behavior. REWOFERM® SL ONE meets these criteria at pH optimal conditions.

REWOFERM® SL ONE is amongst the mildest surfactants according to Red Blood Cell tests

The favorable properties of sophorolipids also include a very high level of skin tolerance. The mildness of the surfactant was measured with the Red Blood Cell (RBC) test. A high L/D value indicates very good skin tolerance and a very low irritant effect. Sophorolipids are much milder than cocamidopropyl betaine and are also superior to the very mild sulfosuccinates. At approx. 1000, REWOFERM® SL ONE has an extraordinarily high L/D value and is thus most likely one of the mildest, most skin tolerant surfactants ever.