Grease Removal

When table manners do not matter, nature helps


Today's consumers not only demand sustainable household cleaning products but also want to save energy by using efficient washing programs, especially for dish washing. Consequently, grease residues from dishes are emulsified less effectively and redeposit on once cleaned dishware with a non-acceptable cleaning result.

Dish Washing
Significant grease removal improved by replacing 50% betaine with REWOFERM® SL ONE in HDW

With clever formulation, synergy effects can even be achieved in a typical high foaming application by adding sophorolipids, which tend to be weak foaming. For example, a typical dishwashing liquid formulation, consisting of sodium laurylether sulfate (2 EOSLES) and cocamidopropyl betaine (CAPB), can achieve a considerable increase in foam in dirty conditions if some of the CAPB is replaced with sophorolipid.

Parallel to this, this formulation achieved a much improved cleaning power for greasy plates with no mechanical assistance, such as using a brush. Also here, the outstanding cleaning performance of sophorolipids on grease was demonstrated again.

Grease Removal